Saturday, March 21, 2015



I realized being here at Angel's Camp has sooo many ties that I can cut and remodel. 

It's close to Bear Valley.  The cite of the horrible no-honeymoon.  

Strawberry the last town b4 Sam's world.

The redoing of the sick trip w/lizm. 

I'm sooo much better, there's no comparison. 

The mountain driving is hard on the  back.  Walking up and downhill is exhilarating and having all day to stretch is HEAVENLY.  HAVENLY.

Got here 3*18 Wednesday after 4.   Thursday the sales talk.  Savemart.  Yesterday, Friday, walking around downtown bought a rock.  $1.50.  Talked to tourist bureau.  Came home and rested.  It's difficult to determine the level of tiredness when I feel so elated.  You could even say elevated here in the mountains.  Ha, ha!

Oh, and I'm over the b-days, bidets.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Saw an idiot in gym. Now I already knew he was an idiot.  So my behavior makes me an idiot.

I was just amazed he had the nerve to brag-volunteering on prop j by wearing a $ tee shirt.

Remember where you are.  At least I've identified for sure one of the 60% idiots who believed the liars.  Actually that whole gang.  Men who talk and talk and talk.  "Do nothings-but talk".

The men in the gym are here because they don't like or get along with real women only servants.

Supposed to go to Angels Camp Wednesday with T driving.  He says we'll take my car wink, wink.  So I don't know.  SS is visiting and he's very depressed.  D can be very mean.