Tuesday, September 23, 2014

toxic parents-susan forward phd

Read about it in last last Sunday's paper.  Last last Monday I started looking for it at the libraries.  Found one in SV  and another SCity.  Picked up SV last Saturday, and SCity on Sunday with St Justin lunch.  Read it all by Sunday.  I have yet to do the exercises.

I find it interesting that some of the exercises I've already done on my own.  

Go Figure.  I finally watched Nurse Betty in its entirety.  1999.  Dad's last six months was such hell for me.  A torturing us all.  Not being able to sleep with his wandering and waking me up.  Trying to work to pay bills.  

The week he died getting no sleep because A insisted on me taking him to her chiropractor (that she'd never been to in south san jose) on a Tuesday, listening to him cry and complain, begging for Vicodin.   My chiropractor that I'd seen on a regular basis in Santa Clara wasn't good enough for her diabolical plans.  Then her insisting I take him Thursday because the chiro was going on vacation.  I refused so she guilted Mit into taking him so Mit would say Mit killed him.  He died that Sunday in Kaiser.

Weird how I didn't know this writing would come out like this.  I kept seeing parts of the movie and couldn't wrap my head around it.  Then when I tried to find it to watch it I couldn't.  So yesterday (Daily Word freedom) I decided to go to Milpitas Grt Mall and stopped by Northside library and there it was along with other dvds I wanted to watch and the Cricket for Dummies.  

Somehow the movie in 1999 was linked to my discomfort still remaining from then.  

Unconsciously I chose the time frame to release the remainder of my pain, grief and anger about Sunday, September 5, 1999.