Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wisdom for a HAPPY HEALTHY DEATH-Do not like the new blog configuration-the old style was clearer and easier to use, this one is too much guesswork on the limits and meanings. And it automatically edits and adds flourishes.

Old people deteriorate because otherwise they'd want to live forever. 

Most people are totally selfish.  Most want the rules to apply to everyone else and themselves to be special and exempt.  The way to live a happy healthy life is to wholeheartedly plan a happy and healthy death.

OK. Changed my mind about new format.  It is an improvement.

Big win yesterday.  Wheelchair bully tried to engage me in her "help me" drama.  Like the fly trapped in the spider's web.  Been there, done that with dad.   Don't want or need to do it again.  I'll just watch her fade out. 

Remembering how dad wanted to be the invalid with all around him catering to his every need.  Lonely, unpleasant people.  The only way to trap company.  Like Lucille.

The lesson of the FLY.  The lost cause crying for help.  Insincere.  Lucille is the spider and the fly.

Looked up Dr. Fari and her YELP is baaad.  What and how do I help?  Ehh,  she may deserve it.  How do I know.  Who do I think I am.

I don't need to do anything.  Not my job.

Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm Royalty in a heat wave

Yesterday after it started to cool off, I opened the bathroom window and noticed Tomas had left the saw horses in the dirt.  He left a mess like he usually does.  I was too tired to check last week or whenever it was, like I usually do.  Passive-aggressive.  And in denial re-his family.

I am the child of the queen of denial and the king of the passive-aggressive.

And I'm physically ok.  The heat and the activity are ok. I've been taking care of myself and doing laundry and banking and I feel hot and sweaty but not like I'm dying.  Woo-hoo!!!!

I have Hope again.