Thursday, May 31, 2012


This color thing is fascinating.  Makes me happy.  I feel creative.  Called EHollywood to see if he wanted to movie on Memorial Day.  He didn't pick up but called back.  He saw avengers already.  I'd rather see MIB3 in imax. 

I do want to see what imax is like.  Haven't since the Disneyland travel across america.

Tomas brought me cupcakes and worked 2 1/2 hrs in yard.  I'm feeling pretty good after 2.  Still have to finish picking up weeds.  I put away tools and got splinter.  I guess I still haven't quite accepted my good gracefully.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everything coming into alignment.

This is cool.  I hated the new format until I found the color pallettes for text and background.

Yesterday was T's b-day.  Called him a.m. and wanted to take him to lunch or dinner.  He said D wanted to take him to lunch and we could join.  Too advantageous to miss.  Two birds.  Had nice time. 

Stopped at citibank on her corner for cash and the account summary charged me $10.  So stopped in to ask what the charge and found they dinged me for transferring a credit they owed me to my

.  The computer called it a cash advance.  I had to explain three times it wasn't a cash advance because they owed me the money from refunded fees and penalties when I paid my account on time.  The system is so lame.  And the tellers have to deal with irate customers. 

Just another nail in their coffin.  More incentive to leave them.  I'll divorce them.

I had cash and didn't have to stop at bank.  Glad I did.  I wonder how many others are charged, don't check their statements and just pay them unearned $??

Went to Savers for senior day.  Found skirt and hanging organizer.   

I like the new colors.  So artisic and me.