Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finally figured out the organization of myblogs-Social Hermit

Hurray!!!  I went to settings after fumbling around the site and edited my blog titles. 

Watching the movies of my youth, the themes that kept my sanity intact while mom was going through menopause.  I read and reread Tolkien and had all his books.  I read Silmarillion, the Smith of Wooten Major, Farmer Giles of Ham. 

I am a social hermit.  I live in society in a cocoon of peace.  The hundred year old marathon runner who smoked and only drank one type of beer (no other liquids) is a social hermit.  He keeps himself above the toxicity.  Toxic-city.  Lives in England.  From the dvd on longevity.  Has a personal regimin to which he sticks.

Explains my fascination w/Herman's Hermits.

What happened to my spellcheck?