Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's been a looonnnggg time-First post 4-9- 2014

I hadn't realized how long it's been. 

I guess I'm a lot calmer than I realized.

I'm still dealing with the family curse.  Had my tooth crowned $800.  Still paying for it.  Like my family.  Paying for their sins.  Missing the target.  Huh. 

I never know what I'm going to come up with until I start writing.  I suppose I should write therapeutically. 

Janet came back from HI vacation and brought me candy from Uncle Dickie.  She makes me laugh.  She said be sure to send him a thankyou so he wouldn't think she ate it.  The first time I talked to her was at the library lecture on chocolate and she was there with her elderly neighbor.  I won a bag of books and she won huge chocolate bars.  She had dropped her ticket on the floor and said she never won.  Then, she doesn't eat candy so her neighbor and I benefited.  So I offered her my books in trade and she said she doesn't read.  I think she's hilarious.  I think it's her delight in not liking to read. 

So Friday I have another tooth to fix.  The domino effect. 

Physically I've been able to function so much better.  Emotionally I'm still learning.

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