Thursday, July 4, 2013

Acting the Adult-Dogsitting in Campbell using Julie's internet

I'm very clear we only act as adults.  No one leaves their childhood behind. 

My electric self keeps touching the laptop mouse and sending the cursor everywhere.

I'm amazing myself with how much I'm able to do this year, now.  I've been driving everyday.  When I was first able to do it I couldn't believe myself.  Now, I'm amazed.  I'm able to carry a 12lb. dog in and out of the house 3 times a day.  I remember when 10 lb. made me sick in my back and stomach.  I could manage 3 wet pieces of laundry at a time. 

At my sickest, just taking a bath took all day and a week to recover. 

I finally figured out heat caused my back to become even more inflamed and the constricted nerves made my digestion malfunction.  At one point all I could digest was ramen noodles and chicken bouillon.  I was thrilled when I could eat chile and rice. 

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