Thursday, April 25, 2013

Waiting for the other shoe to drop-Ann Xiety

My old friend, Ann Xiety.    Cleared some stuff from living room.  Okay maybe I overdid.  Fell asleep easily tho'.  Exhausted.  11pm-5:16am.  Tailbone on fire.  Stomach queasy.  So maybe I'll phone it in.  I have to confront dr ali at some pt but not today.  I still have to cash refund from ATT.  

Still so attention deficit.  Just spent half hour cruising sites to cash check.  I have to laugh or cry.  

Stomach is trying to tell me something.  Made yummy potatoes, brussel spts, shredded carrot mix last nite.  Been eating mango salsa and beans and rice.  Vegetarian heals and helps anxiety.  

Just discovered if I put cursor over on right side a page pops out.  

Maybe it was the bupropion, welbutrin.  Took one ystrday and this a m at 5:16.  A mystery.

Maybe a nico-lozenge will help.  Yes it's better.  Welbutrin is supposed to suppress the desire for nicotine.  

I want to go to Campbell library today.  That's what I want.      

I need something like nicotine to ground me for want of a better word.  

That's the planning to the Oakridge Mall.  Saver's, Vitamin World, 1.2 mi apart.  Salvation Army Sunday?

I'll find it soon.

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