Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Age Dawning-and it's freaking me out

Everything is going so well.  Like b4 parent trap.  Taking care of parents is a mistake.  Bigger than marrying the wrong person.

The only reason I married him was cuz he was familiar.  Like the sum total of all members of my family.

What a landmine!!!!!

So now I'm licking my wounds and healing myself.

Specifically, I haven't lost anything lately.  I have allergies and I have the time to take care of myself.  Tomas has been wonderful getting my cleanup ready for next week.  I have a feeling of doom and sadness.

I'm on the edge of new territory.  I feel I'm entering a new world.   I'm leaving the old behind.

First Comcast was jerking me around $47-$48/mo., so I switched to ATT and they outright lied about how much it cost $55.60.

The landline is the only continuity I've ever known in my life.  Everything else changed.  People came and went.  

The phone number moved with us from 1160 Lawrence Sta. Rd. to Nobili Ave.

Getting rid of the expensive landline and going to 2cellular phones is generating either new feelings of insecurity or is exposing dormant feelings.  Maybe fear of the new.

Every operator at Consumer Cellular has made me feel we're on the same team.  Fellow creatures.  And I've talked to maybe a dozen or more of them asking questions and getting help.  So I've entered the modern age?

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