Friday, June 12, 2015

The aspergers anxiety-A new era-Friday 6*12*15/ UPDATE 1-28-2016

Playing with my blog.  I don't know where the tab button goes.  I'm feeling anxious.  Dark Purple.  Maybe my definition of the feeling is off.  Maybe it's just the feeling of change and growth.  
The puzzle table is occupied by the DUMB talker.  He might be homeless.  Yes, he is.

So I take my cue and do differently.  Checked my libraries,  charging my phones and I'll probably exercise for the fourth time this week out of boredom.  

Well, I did decide to make  my  health my number one priority.   Me.  Little ol' me.  

I 'm in uncharted waters trying to relax, float, keep cool.  

So relaxed I left the extra keys in the car.  Hmmm.  I did take some kava.

update; 1-28-2016
forgot it's BH's b'day.

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