Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Yesterday I was feeling very fragile, uncomfortable.  T had scheduled Mon. Tue. to come over and help at the house.  Postponed until Wed. and changed plan to dinner Della made, cornbread and chili.  Then he invited me to SF Thurs. to hear a friend play at Biscuits and Blues at 7:30.  He called at 2:30 to say 5 pickup.  I asked if I should eat b4 and he got all flustered about the new idea.  So he agreed to burger in-n-out.  I said I'd rather McD or BK and he agreed.  So then of course, he was late, 5:30 and drove Monroe to LX to Homestead to Wolfe.  Refused to go the easy way to Wolfe.  Drove to Vallco.  McD moved.  Bk  the other side of complex so we drove aimlessly up SCrkBlvd u-turned back to DeAnza and proceeded to drive towards Saratoga.  Saw a BK on the right, couldn't get over, made another U-turn and got food.  He needed to eat, ranting he was a child who only thought of himself and he was late because only his time was important and nobody liked him.  People will only put up with him for so long and he was going to live under a bridge but first he'd kill himself.

This after Della loaned him her car and Julie is counting on him to housesit for two weeks. 

So after I ate I felt better, he was still upset with me saying we can't get along.  I just let him wear himself out.  Going to SF was exciting.  Drove along the bay.  So beautiful.  I was commenting and he yelled at me to be quiet and what was wrong with me.  He was nervous he never drove b4.  Was driven.  Parked in garage 2 doors away. Got there at 7:30.  They hadn't started.  Loco was there.  They were all Common Ground Hill buddies.  We took Loco home.

I had Anderson Valley oatmeal stout.  He had two cuba libres.  $6.50 and $20.00.  I paid drinks $36 tax and tip for great service.  He paid Bk and pkg.

Best time I've had in a loonngg time.

Just what I needed.

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