Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's been a rocky ride/as opposed to rocky road

Life has been particularly scary this entire month.  I'm talking the last 30 days. 

( this won't double space the paragraphs)  and the dude next to me is mumbling to himself. 

Going to that wedding started a whole new energy flowing.                                                             

So I'm sitting here in the Sunnyvale library waiting for the book sale to begin at 1.  Got here at 11:55 to get parking.  Found one in shade!!!!  People who hang at libraries, we must all be weird.  The lady across from me is reading her emails?? out loud.  I know she's not skyping.                                          

I'm doing new things, feeling new things.                                                              

Tomas invited me to San Pedro Market to hear Dave Burroughs' play in celtic/irish group.  I guess they're all the rage now.  Dave is so much more comfortable and seems happier playing the violin.  Makes me want to play too.  I might I might not.

I called Fri. about jury duty.  It's been 9 yrs since the last summons.  Bought the car with the alarm so I could find it quickly.  I'm sooo much healthier now.                             
I like this rainbow effect.

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