Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reincarnation-Success-Genie out of the Bottle

Always hated the idea of reincarnation as an inefficient way of God running the Universe.  How assanine to have to keep redoing the third grade.

In 1981 I was ready to get my divorce.  I retained a lawyer and found I couldn't physically fill out the paperwork.  I'd break out in a cold sweat and get so nauseated I was afraid I'd vomit on the forms.  I knew it was psychosomatic so I called Hayward Kaiser and booked an appointment with Dr Eidelshink.  He listened to my story of betrayal for the last 10 years and that we'd gone to counseling and the continuation of betrayal and disappointment.  Towards the end of the 50 minutes he said he'd like to try something.  He hypnotized me with a posthypnotic suggestion that I find the cause of my resistance to ending an obviously doomed relationship.  He recommended I practice relaxation(self-hypnosis) three times a day and like the model patient I did so.

I was overworked managing two stores for Goodwill of Greater East Bay.  A had gotten tickets to an Association for Research and Enlightenment seminar at the Oakland Airport Marriott Hotel, a command performance.  She enticed me with my not having to do anything.  She'd pick me up and pay for everything. On arriving she connected with some people and I was off the hook.  I met a woman my age.  Our husbands were almost twins.  They lied and cheated everyone.  She had to pretend they were living together and not married.  He played around like X.   She wanted to go to the class on reincarnation.

Not believing in reincarnation, I accompanied her.  The past life regression hypnotist admonished that rather than having a bad, negative or uncomfortable experience nothing would happen.  So when I fell asleep I didn't think twice about it because 1) it didn't exist and 2) I was exhausted from working 70+ hours a week.The next a.m., Sunday, I had an epiphany,  filled out the papers, went to work and kept my Monday morning appointment with Dr Eidelshink.  I asked his opinion about reincarnation.  Either it existed or I was a major loony.  He said it didn't matter what he thought, only if my life was manageable.  I relayed my success with filling out the papers and finally seeing the end of the hell my life had been.

He recommended we book next week's appointment just in case and if anything serious came up I could always rely on him.  If I didn't need the appointment I could cancel.  I was fine.

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