Tuesday, October 30, 2012

catching up with myself

Did it again.  I talked to Toki while she was on the stationary bike and I forgot to tighten my back brace.  I had it on but didn't fasten the straps.  I guess I injure myself to slow myself down.  I do have a habit of turbo charging.

So last night and today I'm  relflecting and taking my pain meds.  I still managed to cook pork and beans last night.  And I'm readying myself for laundry. 

I'm typing better but I guess because of taking typing in high school and being stuck in it for the whole term when it only takes two weeks to actually learn it was so frustrating to me I still feel resentment.  Another form of hurting myself.

I'm going through all the literature I've collected and catching up there too.

I don't know how I got the title to be red or the background of this blog so pretty.  I think this is my favorite blog. 

Let's see how this looks.  TYG I love it.!!!!

All the blogs are reflections of different aspects of myself.  Still learning who I am.  Moving toward who I'm becoming.